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palmEM is an award-winning emergency medicine app that helps you save time, work more efficiently, and provide better patient care.

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Life saving interventions are needed in minutes.
palmEM has answers in seconds.

In emergency medicine, every second counts. That’s why you need palmEM, the app that gives you quick and easy access to the information you need to to take action quickly. And confidently.

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Get current, evidence based information in a matter of seconds.

palmEM's design enables you to jump straight to drug dosages, treatment protocols, or diagnostic criteria without wading through unnecessary details. The quick-search feature, combined with well-organized categories, ensures you get the answers you need, fast.

Designed and updated by emergency medicine physicians who know what you need.

And what you don’t.

We understand the nuances of medicine in the emergency department. That's why every piece of information in palmEM is meticulously selected and updated, ensuring you have the most relevant and detailed data for any scenario. Content is curated not just for accuracy, but also for practicality and relevance.

palmEM will make you faster and improve patient outcomes.

Enhance your practice with the perfect blend of knowledge and efficiency. palmEM provides instant access to a wealth of information, elevating the standard of care you provide.

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Every Detail Matters:
Meticulously Designed and Curated Content

Unlike other references that require time-consuming navigation and search processes, palmEM is designed with you and your workflow at its core.

Accurate and trustworthy

Trusted by healthcare professionals around the world for over a decade.

Stay informed, stay up-to-date

palmEM is updated regularly with the latest evidence-based information.

Fully referenced

And free of any influence from advertisers or industry.

Your Notes, Your palmEM

Add your own notes and make palmEM your personalized medical assistant.

Personalized bookmarks

Even quicker access to your most used resources.

Take it with you everywhere

All content is available offline, without a data connection.

What Users Say

Whether you’re in emergency medicine, internal medicine, primary care, family medicine, urgent care, or critical care, palmEM has you covered.

“I have owned quite a few medical/emergency medicine apps and this is by far the best quick reference out there. Extremely comprehensive, easy to navigate and nice on the eyes.”

"I already had 5MCC but in my opinion, that info is not as well-suited to working in the ED. palmEM fills that need for me and is a great addition to my handheld reference material toolbox.”

“I use this app daily. As a resident, it is a handy quick reference for treatment algorithms ranging from CAP abx coverage to the Pedi tape that has all your weight-based drugs. Best app in its category and allows you to quickly access the information needed. Well worth the purchase.”

“Replaced my $400 per year reference! Awesome app.”

"palmEM is an excellent, rapid point-of-care reference perfectly designed for the time crunch of the emergency department. Its succinct design works well with either the iPhone or iPad, and users needn’t be torn choosing between either well-optimized versions.”

“Absolutely worth the money! As a Family Med doc in clinic, this is my one-stop shop for the occasional ED-type patient that somehow schedules an acute appt with me instead of going to an ED. It allows me to perform quick interventions while coordinating transfer."

"I’ve used it three times in the past week alone as a super quick bedside reference for calculating BSA for a burn patient, splinting a metacarpal fracture, and remembering the rules for clearing a C-spine collar. The info is very well organized and is limited to the pearls that we need to remember quickly in that moment.”

“This app is amazing....As a medical student, I use it often during all of my rotations from family practice, to peds, to ER....totally worth the price, would recommend it to all of my classmates!”

“Has great information and pearls that are referenced in an awesome just the facts format. The pediatric resuscitation part is a must have and rivals other pediatric code apps. Perfect for use in the ER.”

“The Swiss Army Knife of Emergency Medicine. Well-written, easy to find information, nicely researched. Very useful fundamental information. Great for residency and medical school rotations.”

“I'm a former ED nurse now back in the dept. as an NP, and I was looking for a quick reference for my iPhone. This has a wealth of information and it is better than other apps that cost a lot more."

"I like how the topics are laid out by category, meds by category, procedure checklists, and a virtual peds Broslow-type tape. It also has a separate heading for all the various "rules" (Ottawa, etc.). Good images as well."


Join your colleagues using palmEM and experience the difference it can make in your practice.

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Procedures, images, medications, clinical decision rules, calculators, pediatric tape, algorithms, and more!

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